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This prayer has been carefully prepared for those who are in need of divine connections from God in
every aspect of life. When the enemy wants to destroy a life, he sends the wrong people into such
life. When God wants to bless us, He sends the right people into our lives. God gives good gifts to
His children and one of the best gifts we can receive from God are divine connections.

What is a Divine Connection?
• It is an opportunity given to men by God to breakthrough and manifest
• It is an open door to growth by the drive of the Holy Ghost

Why do we need it?
• It is needful to the fulfilment of destiny
• It is purposeful and value adding
• It is very necessary to our spiritual upliftment in life
• It guarantees rest on every side
The Scripture is full of examples of God connecting people together in marriages, in partnerships and
other unique encounters to accomplish His purposes, and as teams to do great things for Him. Divine
connections are vital to the fulfilment of our destiny. Most times, one man cannot make it on his own. We
need divine connections in order to avoid unnecessary struggles and sufferings in life.

Examples of Divine Connections

• Ruth and Naomi: Ruth recognized a divine connection with her mother-in-law which led her to
become one of the recognized women in the Bible. Ruth 1:16-18.
• Elijah and Elisha: they had a divine connection that was so powerful that left his family and
career and devoted himself to the service of God with Elijah which eventually led him to become
one of the greatest prophet in the Bible. I Kings 19:19-21
• Saul and Samuel, David and Samuel, Abraham and the host of heaven, Esther and the King…
These are just few of the many instances when God divinely connected people. For you to fulfil your
God-given purpose in life, you need divine connection with destiny helpers. As you pray these prayers,
the Lord will link you with your helpers in the name of Jesus.

❖ I remember the testimony of a brother who was facing a major financial storm after losing
his job as a banker. He lost a lot due to this crisis. Not knowing what to do, he ran to the God of
this commission and Encountered Him as he joined ‘Hour of Manifestation’ (HOM, a weekly
indoor and outdoor do it yourself Breakthrough Prayer Program). Immediately after


the prayer program, he was bombarded with different levels of divine connections which
led to great turn around in his life and that of his family. Today his life is a testimony!


It is your turn for as a divine connection, as you pray these prayers, we look forward to
hearing your testimony!
❖ For secrets to an answered prayer instruction, please refer to our prayer on

1. Thank you Lord for loading me with daily benefits, in the name of Jesus
2. I thank you for sending your angels to take charge and keep me in all my ways
3. I bless you Lord for preserving my going out and my coming in, in the name of Jesus
4. I thank you Lord for supplying all my needs according to your riches in glory
5. Thank you Lord for turning my challenges to testimonies, in the name of Jesus
6. Father, I thank you for making a way for me where there seems to be no way
7. Lord, for giving me the grace to wait on you and not man, take all the glory
8. Please restore to me the joy of your salvation and turn my test to triumph
9. I have lost valuables due to sins; Lord restore me, in the name of Jesus.
10. Create in me a new heart to worship you in righteousness, in the name of JESUS.
11. Please establish me strongly in your righteousness, in the name of JESUS.
12. Grace to always hide your word in my heart against sin give it me, in the name of
13. Direct my life and order my thoughts in righteousness, in the name of JESUS.
14. I thank you for forgiving me and cover my life with your blood, in the name of JESUS
15. Let the hands restricting me from receiving blessings, wither by fire, in the name of
16. Every spiritual handcuff placed on my hands, catch fire, in the name of Jesus
17. Chains holding me in a centrifugal manner break off, in the name of Jesus
18. Destroyers of divine connections, collapse by fire, in the name of Jesus


19. Altars holding my breakthrough captive scatter, in the name of Jesus
20. Thunder of God, locate the coven judging my next level, in the name of Jesus
21. Garment of imprisonment cast upon me in disfavour; catch fire, in the name of Jesus
22. Lord, break all protocols standing against my divine connection, in the name of Jesus
23. Compassionate Father, give me unusual connection, in the name of Jesus
24. Gracious Father, cover me with the garment of favour, in the name of Jesus
25. Anything in me kicking against divine connection, scatter in the name of Jesus
26. Marks that forbid profitable connections in me, clear off, in the name of Jesus
27. Spell cast upon me that forbids destiny helpers, break by fire, in the name of Jesus
28. Enchantment and divination working against my connection, catch fire, in the
name of Jesus


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