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Breakthrough”, is an eventual achievement of a long awaited dream, success or miracle after a period of trying, toiling and waiting Lk: 5:1-6. Breakthrough is said to occur when issues, stubborn problems or struggles in people’s lives come to a sudden end. Periods of waiting and seeking for solution can often be frustrating and sometimes very painful, but a moment of breakthrough brings unimaginable joy and laughter. A breakthrough moment is a moment in time when seemingly impossible things and situations become possible by the power and fire of the Holy Ghost.


With gladness we welcome you to BREAKTHROUGHS PLATFORM an arm of THE PENTECOSTAL FIRE AND MIRACLES MINISTRY (PFM-FAMILY), …Home of Breakthroughs! With God in the life of every born again child, we experience what we called ‘un-matching breakthrough’. An un-matching breakthrough is one which is second to none, rare to find and can only come by divine intervention through the HolyGhost.


Breakthrough is such a wonderful thing that when it comes to a man, the man goes from languishing to laughter, problems to prosperity and troubles to triumph. Breakthrough is the open door to affluence and brings an end to suffering. Example of people who got Breakthroughs in the Scripture include; Abraham and Sarah who had a testimony child in their old age, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph; who moved from prison to palace, Daniel; who was rescued from being devoured by lions Dan. 6:22, Blind Bartimeaus received his sight Mark 10:46-52, the woman with the issue of Blood was made whole after years of searching for solution. Matt. 9:20-22, Peter was rescued from the prison, Act. 12:5-17. Paul and Silas’ chains were broken and the prison doors were open. Acts 16:26.



Breakthrough can only be achieved through fervent obedience, uncompromising sacrifice and fervent prayers to God. James 5:16. These are kingdom keys for anyone who desires breakthrough from God.


Breakthrough platforms is therefore designed to enhance faith, populate God’s kingdom and bring breakthroughs to divers problem in lives and destinies through Power packed prayers and Biblical confessions, keying to testimonies, cultivating the habit and lifestyle of sacrificial giving as a kingdom breakthrough principle, and taking advantage of the SOLUTIONS WATER; a covenant water that God has used and is still using to quench and ignite the fire of life. Through the use of the Solution Water many testimonies have been recorded. Healings from terminal diseases, that have defied medications have been recorded as God has worked through the solution water to destroy the works of the enemy, difficult pregancies have been brought to birth and many more breakthroughs have been wrought by God through the use of the Solution Water. Take advantage of this and many more on this platform and the Lord will make your life an epitome of breakthrough, in the name of Jesus



“Behold, I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he shall come, saith the LORD of hosts.” Mal: 3:1.






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