Prolonged diabetes Vanished


I used to be diabetic patient of the highest level. I was being referred to various hospitals abroad and have been on three continents in search of experts that would perfect my health condition. At a time I was told that my blood sugar has increased to 400 and the more treatment I got the more it increased.

I was abandoned by many people including family members because of my health condition. A day came, I ran into someone that told me about this ministry and I attented one of the deliverance programmes. I was told to buy a sachet of water and then the servants of God in this commission blessed it. After taking the water, immediately, I noticed a change in my system.

To the glory of God, after the exercise, I tested myself with my different equipments, behold I discovered that the sickness had vanished, and my blood sugar was back to normal. Praise the Lord.


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